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Forever Current Studios is a creative production studio, specializing in commercial advertisement, and brand development. Our best kept secret is our effective understanding of your target demographics, market viability, current trends, professional industry compliance, and specific client/patient needs. These methods allow us to be highly effective, and economical in the arena of digital marketing. The Forever Current team is comprised of seasoned professionals experienced in filming under the harshest environments on the planet. Our productions have taken us from sterile procedure rooms, to the 3-mile long runway of the Space Florida Shuttle Landing Facility (Cape Canaveral). Creating engaging, memorable, and original media that builds your brand's culture, and loyalty, is tantamount to having a quality practice. Just as a mechanic requires the proper tools for the job, the same rings true for a business aiming to establish themselves as a trustworthy authority in your industry. We invite you to browse samples of our industry portfolio, and our clients/publishers provided below. 



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