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Preamps for Any Budget!



Do you have a home studio?

This week I found an great article highlighting the best preamps on the market for any budget. As technology continues to improve, more musicians have the ability to afford great gear at a great price.

This is perfect for the home musician recording reference tracks or doing their full recordings at home. The benefit of investing in a good preamp is the boost in quality that comes with it. Meaning you can send your engineer better quality files to mix afterwards.

At Forever Current studios we have a few preamps to choose from but the most popular option is our Avalon 737, used in most Pop/ Hip-Hop/ and RnB recordings, you've more than likely heard it on some of your favorite records and never even knew it!

Of course there is more to professional sound than just a good preamp. Recordings should still be done in an acoustically treated room and with a good microphone and interface to help deliver that pro quality.

Over the next few weeks I'll be sharing some of my picks for budget friendly gear for artists looking for a boost in quality sound from home. Enjoy.

Nando Vivanco