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Prepping Your Session For Professional Mixing!


Here are a few tips us engineers really REALLY appreciate when we receive sessions to mix.

At Forever Current we have been busy with online mixes. In order to deliver the best possible mix, it's important for us to spend most of our time getting creative with the mix and being able to jump right in, rather than spending time cleaning, organizing, and even labeling files for hours before getting started.

Here are a few things us engineers would like to see when receiving files to mix.

  • Take the time to properly label your tracks.

  • Send only the audio that you want included in the mix.

  • Have your files already time and pitch corrected. (Extra charge for most mix engineers)

  • Turn off all effects and processing.

  • Consolidate and export all tracks to be in time with each other.

  • Include a rough or reference mix.

The link below will dive into more detail into each of these items. Take a look for the next time you send a session out for mixing.

Also, be sure to take advantage of our mixing special we have this month!

Nando Vivanco